Asbestos can be a very dangerous substance for animals and people alike; this means that if your home has any of it then it is important that it is removed as quickly and safely as possible. He said asbestosis was also a problem because it could not be distinguished from other lung disorders except from evidence of exposure to asbestos. Of all the… Read More

Amphibole Group - comprised of anthophyllite, amosite (brown asbestos or grey asbestos), crocidolite (blue asbestos), tremolite, and actinolite. Asbestos Be Gone are offering in home or on site commercial quotes until 10pm, Monday to Friday. A typical individual will breathe in approximately 15,000 asbestos fibers every day. SafeWork SA and the Env… Read More

Licensed asbestos removalists must notify Comcare in writing at least five days before starting licensed asbestos removal work (see sub regulation 466(1) ). If you're preparing to remove any ceiling tiles or other materials from your own home these materials ought to be presumed to contain asbestos. Further investigations are required to confirm th… Read More

Harmonisation of the nation's licencing, coaching and competency arrangements have been initiated by Safe Work Australia with the launch of recent nationwide competency models for working with asbestos.Workplace bullying thrives in an environment where employees are terrified of speaking-up about unreasonable behaviour because of attainable victimi… Read More

As a result, the ACCC has triggered the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA) Imported Materials with Asbestos Working Group Rapid Response Protocol. In the United States, mesothelioma is known to be caused only by exposure to asbestos and by proving the exposure, which subsequently led to the disease, legal compensation can be easily won. C… Read More